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Your Own Personalised Suitcase Luggage Bag

Going away this summer? Why not create your own personalised suitcase so you jet off in style. The best way to know what suitcase is yours at the end of the carousel luggage bay when you have a distinctive and personalised suitcase customised with your name or initial with a stylish bag design. Your holiday is suddenly much easier when you don’t have to worry about figuring out which suitcase is yours.

Collect your family suitcases quicker than last year knowing they have your personalised name on. By ordering a custom suitcase know if your luggage is lost it is easy to describe if it is ever lost or stollen when traveling abroad. With your name or initial on the suitcase it will be much easier for the airport to find and retrieve your goods.

Matching Travel Accessories

Use our personalised travel accessories for the most stylish look when going to the airport. Our personalised suitcases come with matching passport holders that are unique items that are bespoke to you. Start the best trip of your life with unique custom accessories.

Making your journey easier with matching travel accessories, our beach bags and custom phone cases will make sure you stand out from your friends. That girls trip will always be memorable with our favourite personalised gifts.

Custom Suitcase Features

Our personalised suitcases designs are inspired to give you that catwalk feel when travelling down the runway. Each custom suitcase comes in three sizes.

Cabin Small Suitcase: 56 (H) x 33 (L) x 23 (W) CM – Hold 10KG

Medium suitcase:  68 (H) x 40 (L) x 25 (W) CM – Hold 15-20KG

Large suitcase: 78 (H) x 52 (L) x (W) CM – Hold 20-23KG

Each personalised suitcase has four wheels for easy push and control of your luggage. We know some of us don’t like to pack light. With an extendable handle these suitcases are easy to travel with when going to and from the airport or traveling by train.

Inside each suitcase is divider with added storage compartments to help you store your personalised makeup bag separate from your bikinis. These personalised suitcases have a hard protective case on them making sure your valuables are protected at all time. Not only that each case comes with a internal lock so you know your valuables are safe when traveling across the world in your suitcase.

Our suitcases are extremely light but sturdy so this makes it super easy to control your luggage weight when flying.

Our Cabin Suitcases

Our cabin suitcases are our smallest design and come with all the same features as our normal size suitcases. These personalised suitcases can be classed as hand luggage when traveling with certain airlines. But please make sure to check the size dimensions before traveling and purchasing a suitcase.

These suitcases can fit within the over head storage on your plane they are also the best size suitcase for a 2-3 night get away in the UK.

Personalising Your Suitcase

When customising your personalised suitcase make sure to include your name or initial on the product page before adding your item to cart. All our designs including our marble suitcases and our glitter suitcases are glitter and marble look. This means the designs on the name suitcase is a printed on design and is a 2D effect. All designs are unique to Gift Bespoke.

All personalised suitcase designs will be created in house and to then sent to your shipping address.